Director of Islamic Finance and ESG, CFA Institute

Usman Hayat

Usman Hayat, CFA, FRM is a content director at CFA Institute, specializing in Islamic finance and sustainable responsible and impact investing. In Sep 2014, CFA Institute published an e-learning course directed by him on sustainable investing, ESG-100, which has received strong praise from some of the thought leaders in the field. He also coauthored a literature review on Islamic finance with Dr. Adeel Malik from University of Oxford. This literature review, which reviews the publications in Islamic finance since 2000, was published by Research Foundation of CFA Institute in Nov 2014. He has experience of working insecurities regulation and as a consultant in the capital market. He regularly curates content on Islamic finance and sustainable investing with leading thinkers in the field and is currently working on an online course on Islamic finance. Hayat strongly believes in and has been advocating for greater collaboration between Islamic finance and sustainable, responsible, and impact investing.